What lesson does a student receive when they are on the platform and how do they progress to a new one?

School districts provide BookNook with students’ reading levels which are then loaded into the platform so each student starts with a  BookNook lesson at their current reading level. The platform then delivers content or lessons to the student to help progress them to more advanced reading levels. A student must answer all of the questions in a lesson order to be presented with a different lesson in their next session. They will “pass” a lesson if they answer between 60% – 70% of the assessment questions correctly. Students “complete” a lesson when they answer all of the questions whether or not they answer correctly. Completing or passing a lesson means the student will be presented with a new lesson and content in their next session. Sometimes a student does not submit an answer to all of the questions but gets to the end of a lesson. This can happen if the tutor chose to move forward without the student clicking on the answers. Since the student did not answer all of the questions, they will be presented with the same lesson and book the next time they login to the platform.