What is the difference between lesson completion and appointment completion?

There can be confusion about appointments marked as “complete” or “incomplete” and how that affects compensation. This is usually due to differences in the two main tutoring sites: the BookNook Platform and the Tutor Portal

To clear up any confusion or doubt, here is a breakdown of the difference between the two and their individual definitions of appointment “completion.”

Lesson Completion: (BOOKNOOK PLATFORM)

URL: App.booknooklearning.com

The BookNook Platform is where you login to teach the lesson to students. In this platform, when that lesson has been executed from beginning to end, the status will read COMPLETED under the Sessions tab.

When a Tutor uses the time allotted, but is unable to complete the lesson, the status will read INCOMPLETE.

An INCOMPLETE status in the BookNook Platform tells us that you and the students did not get to the end of the lesson content (even though you spent the allotted time together). This can also happen when a student is absent from an appointment.

The status of your lesson in this platform only refers to the lesson content. You will still be compensated for this appointment even if it is marked as INCOMPLETE.

The platform also tells us what time you started the lesson, and what time you ended the lesson. Tutors who end sessions early will be notified via email. Multiple occurrences of ending sessions early may result in having your tutoring sessions released to the substitute pool.

Appointment Completion (TUTOR PORTAL)


The Tutor Portal is where you login to claim tutoring appointments. In the portal, when you claim an appointment (schedule a lesson), your status will read CONFIRMED for that appointment.

Once you have taught the lesson (in the BookNook Platform), your status in the Tutor Portal will read one of the following:

  • COMPLETED: The appointment was executed from beginning to end within the session. These sessions will be paid when payroll is run.
  • CANCELED: The appointment was missed by you, and not picked up by a substitute tutor.
  • PAID: The appointment was completed and you have been compensated for it because payroll has run for these dates.

In the Tutor Portal, COMPLETED only refers to your compensation and the fact you executed the appointment from start to finish. Completed does not signify whether all the content within the lesson was completed (see BookNook Platform section above).