Tutor Attendance Policy

BookNook Tutoring was founded to provide the highest quality virtual tutoring to K-8 students to accelerate their reading and math growth. Our successful form of high-dosage tutoring requires: 

  • Synchronous face-to-face instruction between tutors and students over video, and 
  • Frequent tutoring sessions with a consistent tutor.

Given our approach, consistent attendance is fundamental to your ability as a tutor to build relationships and make significant progress with your students. Our students and district partners are impacted greatly by excessive tutor absences. It is a negative experience for our students and schools when tutors do not show. Additionally, committing to your entire series of sessions for a program ensures the main factor that makes tutoring successful: a consistent tutor-student relationship that leads to student progress and learning growth.

 Our Expectations for Tutor Attendance:

  • Only select tutoring sessions when you know that you are available to work and can work the entire program duration from the start date to the end date without missing sessions.
  • Arrive at every tutoring session just before the start time (2-5 minutes early is the goal) even if your student sometimes arrives late (If you join 3 minutes late, your session is released to a substitute and you are not paid.).
  • If you are tutoring back-to- back sessions, complete your lesson at the 25-28 minute mark, end your session, and move to join your next session immediately.
  • Our students have been provided with a scheduled time to attend tutoring sessions. Do not begin your tutoring session earlier than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled start time. We need to keep in line with the scheduled time so that students have the best opportunity to attend tutoring on time, engage with their tutor, and return to the remainder of the day. Entering your session too early can impact your other scheduled sessions as a tutor.
  • Deliver at least 25 minutes of a 30 minute lesson, aiming for student completion of the lesson.
  • If students are absent, but you are there, that is still counted as positive tutor attendance. Make sure you start your lesson on time and stay for at least 25 minutes even if your student is absent in order to be compensated.
  • If students need to leave your tutoring session early, please remain in the lesson for the full 25 minutes until the lesson is completed. That is still counted as positive attendance and you will be compensated.
  • If you need to miss a session, which should happen rarely if at all, cancel it on the portal early (at least 24 hours in advance but with as much notice as possible) so that the session is able to be picked up by a substitute tutor.
  • If you attempt to cancel 20% or more of your sessions for an opportunity you have scheduled through the portal (opportunity = a series of 30-minute tutoring sessions with the same group of students), our portal will require you to cancel all of the sessions in the opportunity and allow another tutor to select them.
  • If you are unable to cancel a session yourself and need to, please contact BNTutoring@booknook.com and we can take care of it for you.

Regular, positive attendance with BookNook maximizes your ability to access more tutoring programs, bonuses, and other opportunities.

Consequences for Missing Tutoring Sessions

The BookNook team reviews tutor attendance data every day and communicates directly with tutors as needed. We understand that there are emergencies, illnesses and weather-related connectivity issues that can arise, but we expect that these will be the exceptions. 

We apply the policy below if you miss 1-3 tutoring sessions during a 30-day period of time: 

  1. If you miss a tutoring session or leave your tutoring session early, we will be in touch via email to see how we can better support you to keep on top of your schedule.
  2. If you miss a third tutoring session or leave your tutoring session early, we’ll contact you again over email with a final warning.
  3. If you continue to miss lessons or leave your tutoring sessions early after our final warning, we’ll remove you as the tutor for your current lessons and make them available to another tutor. You will not be allowed to tutor with BookNook for 30 days. After the 30 days, if you choose to resume tutoring for BookNook and the behavior persists, we reserve the right to terminate your tutoring contract and you will no longer be able to deliver lessons with BookNook.