Tutor Appointment Slot Quotas

Slot quotas are limits that prevent tutors from claiming more sessions than the contract allows. Our Tutoring Contract prevents you from tutoring beyond 30 hours per week. Slot quotas also allow BookNook to attempt to evenly distribute classes so that newer tutors have an opportunity to claim appointments. Without limits, some tutors may attempt to claim an unfair share of appointments. 

When we refer to "slots," we are referring to programs. Some programs meet 2 times per week or as frequently as 5 times per week. A slot is the entire set of appointments together. Example- If you tutor a group of students four times per week at 3:30pm, that group of appointment counts as one slot. 

In an effort to better accommodate our schools and students when we experience capacity constraints, we may implement a temporary adjustment to slot limits, to enable Tutors to help fill up available appointments. 

When BookNook experiences a dip in tutoring capacity for specific appointments, Tutors who are cleared for that state may be notified that their slot limit will be increased for a temporary period of time (typically 12-24 hours), in order to ensure the appointments are claimed and all students have a Tutor. 

Please note the following:

  • All Tutors currently have an slot limit for appointments that can be found listed in the Tutor Portal.
  • In the event of a temporary adjustment to slots, all Tutors who are cleared for the required state will have their slot limits increased
  • The increase in slot limits is temporary, and the amount of slots increased will be determined by BookNook at the time
  • We will notify all Tutors of the slot update in the Community, to ensure transparency
  • This system will be used solely to accommodate students requiring a Tutor (and not to claim additional appointments during regular releases)
  • Therefore, slot changes will not coincide with new releases unless unavoidable

Please note that we are continually striving to find better ways to accommodate both our students and our Tutors. This system has been implemented first and foremost to ensure that every student has access to a Tutor, but we also hope it will be beneficial to Tutors who have undergone the process of getting state clearances and who are willing and able to take on more students when the need arises. 

Finally, the system will be used at our discretion and may be implemented without prior notice. 

Thank you for your support.