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Sign Contract & Provide Payroll Information

Steps for signing your BookNook contract and providing information for payroll

Please see the WorkMarket Registration Guide or the more detailed Registration Instructions for step-by-step information to complete this process. It is important to follow along with the guide or instructions while you complete this process as it contains critical information about each step. Scroll down for helpful tips!


Creating your WorkMarket Account

  • Tutors who apply after 12/16 will access the WorkMarket registration page through the link on their Tutor Portal dashboard.
  • Tutors who applied before 12/16 received our WorkMarket registration link in their email with the subject 'Congratulations! BookNook Tutoring Next Steps' 
  • Tutors who passed our interview process prior to 8/26, received our WorkMarket registration link in an 'ACTION NEEDED' email between 8/26 and 8/31 when we transitioned contract & payroll systems.
  • You will need to use the same email address and name that you applied to BookNook with when creating your WorkMarket account. Your email and name are unique identifiers that allow us to track your onboarding progress and ensure you are able to start tutoring. **If you need to change your email address or name please contact us at bntutoring@booknook.com as soon as possible**

NOTE - please do not create an independent WorkMarket account through the general WorkMarket site, as this will not connect you to our required paperwork. You must use a registration link that we provide as described in the section above.

Once you create an account in WorkMarket:

Sign the BookNook Tutor Contract

  • As one of your onboarding tasks in WorkMarket, you will be provided with the BookNook Tutor Contract for consent and agreement.
  • This is an important legal document, so please be sure to review thoroughly!

Complete your tax form 

  • Tutors will prompted to complete a W-9 tax form. Once this is complete, you'll be able to enter your direct deposit information
  • If you are a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Resident who is filing taxes with an international address, you will be prompted to complete a W-8 tax form. Please refer to this resource from the IRS if you have any questions about completing the W-8 as an international contractor.

Provide bank information for direct deposit

  • You must enter direct deposit information for a U.S. bank account, PayPal, or HyperWallet in order to be paid. We do not offer the option to receive a paper check.
  • A delay in entering your direct deposit information can result in a delay in your pay.
  • Please ensure you log back in once you receive your test deposits to your bank account, to complete the final verification step. It usually takes between 48-72 hours to receive these test deposits.

Helpful Tips!

  • In your WorkMarket profile you will see an option to complete a background check, as this is a feature available to all contractors with WorkMarket accounts. This is NOT connected to the required BookNook background check process in any way. 
  • After you create your account in WorkMarket, you will receive a few different emails in your inbox. It may take a few minutes, but you will need to look for the email with the subject Please confirm your WorkMarket account for BookNook’ in order to access and confirm your account. Once you’ve confirmed your account you will be able to move on to next steps.
  • On the onboarding task page, the steps are not in this order, but the system requires you to add your tax information BEFORE you your payment details. Please complete your onboarding steps in the following order: BookNook Tutor Contract, Tax Information, THEN Payment Information