Maryland Background Check Instructions

How to complete a Maryland background check - for U.S. citizens residing in the Continental U.S.

REMINDER - We are not processing any new Maryland background checks at this time.

All of our tutors will complete the California background check as part of their onboarding process. As we have need for additional tutors to be cleared elsewhere, we will offer opportunities to complete additional background checks.

Quick Facts Before You Start 

BookNook uses this company for the Maryland background check process:  Maryland Department of Public Safety/ Maryland Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS)
Who to contact if you have questions:

This process does require that you submit your hard copy fingerprints via mail:  You will need to have received a fingerprint card from BookNook. Find request form in Step 1. 
Typical length of time to be notified about background check clearance:

Up to one month, after you submit your fingerprints + documentation via mail.

*Please Note: BookNook must receive clearance results directly from our Maryland district partner. This may result in a delay in receiving your clearance beyond 30 days based on the district's current capacity for providing clearances. 


Pro Tip: Before mailing your Maryland fingerprint card, CPS Form, and Disclosure form, please visit our Texas background check instructions page. You can mail your Maryland documents and Texas documents in the same pre-labeled envelope. 

Maryland Background Check Instructions: 

  1. Request Fingerprint Card: In order to complete the Maryland Background Check process, you will need a Maryland Fingerprint Card (CJIS-015- 0717) from BookNook. Please click here to request the cards: Fingerprint Card request form (which applies to both Texas and Maryland). Once this form has been completed, you should receive the fingerprint cards within one week. When you receive the fingerprint cards, please do not fill in any information on the card until you are at your fingerprinting appointment, as some agencies require you to fill out the card at the appointment. 
  2. Visit A Local Law Enforcement Agency or Reputable Fingerprint Business: Once you have received your fingerprint card, you must take the card to a local law enforcement agency or a reputable fingerprint business to have the fingerprints conducted. We highly encourage having the fingerprints done in digital format on the Maryland fingerprint card, but ink rolled prints may be done if digital transcription is not available. For any costs incurred, please get a receipt so that we can reimburse you, (handwritten receipts will not be accepted). We encourage you to complete the process for the Texas background check at the same appointment, as you can mail Texas + Maryland in the same pre-addressed envelope. 
  3. Complete CPS Documentation: In the envelope you received with your fingerprint cards, you should have received a CPS document. You will be required to have this form notarized. Please leave this document blank, and wait to fill it out at your appointment to have it notarized. Please save your receipt from your notary, so we can reimburse you for the cost. If you need an additional copy, or would like to refer to the CPS form while reviewing the instructional video link below, it is located here
    *This video highlights how to complete the CPS and Disclosure form.
  4. Complete Disclosure Form:  In the envelope you received with your fingerprint cards, you should have received a Disclosure Form to complete. If you need an additional copy, or would like to refer to this form while reviewing the video link below, it is located here.  
    *This video highlights how to complete the CPS and Disclosure form.
  5. Ready to Mail: Once you have conducted your fingerprint card at your local law enforcement agency or reputable vendor, along with completing the above forms, you are ready to return your envelope. Please place the fingerprint card, CPS Form, and Disclosure Form into the pre-labeled envelope and return it via mail.
    If you would like to be cleared for Texas, please complete those steps found here and include those two items (fingerprint card + barcode form) in your pre-labeled envelope along with the Maryland documentation. 
  6. Reimbursement Receipt Upload: Upload your receipt for any out-of-pocket costs incurred to complete your Maryland fingerprint card and your notarized form. 
    Upload the receipt to this secure site using the following file name structure: FirstName_LastName_Month_Date (Example: For John Smith who visited on May 18th, his file would look like this: John_Smith_May_18). 
    After uploading, please fill out this form.
  7. Complete Compliance Modules for PG County Schools: Click this link to create an account for compliance training for Prince George's County Schools. The following 5 modules need to be completed: Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure, Child Abuse/Mandatory Reporting, Sexual Misconduct, Student Safety, and Trauma Informed Practices. These modules will take two hours, and you will be compensated for completing these modules at the Tutor pay rate of $18/hr. BookNook will be able to use an online system to track your completion of these required training modules. This payment will be reflected on your paycheck once we have received your Maryland fingerprint card and CPS/Disclosure forms as well. 
  8. Wait + Track: After mailing your envelope, the average clearance duration can take up to one month. Keep an eye on our Tutor Background Check Tracker for your unique identifier to update with your Maryland clearance.