Is the goal for each lesson completion or mastery?

The main objective with tutoring is to help students improve their reading skills, so the primary focus is on mastery, which is demonstrated by completion of the lessons with accurate answers to the questions asked. Completing and passing lessons will result in a growth of their reading levels and skills.

As you go through the lessons with your students, try to make sure that they are focused on mastery, not speed, and don’t be afraid to have them go back and re-read portions of the book to practice fluency! If they do not answer all the questions in the lesson, they will have an opportunity to go through that lesson again in their next session, so it is ok if they take their time.

If students do not complete a lesson, it is more likely that our algorithm will get a new lesson that the fewest students in that group have seen/completed. It is less likely that students would get the same lesson again if a lesson is marked as incomplete.

If they move through a repeated lesson a little more quickly the second time and you find yourself having to fill the extra time, you can refer to our  K-8 Comprehension Lesson Extension Tips for suggestions on how to extend that lesson until the full time has passed.