How do I release a Tutoring Appointment?

While we value the same tutor being in front of students session after session, we understand that there are times you may need to cancel your appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, emergencies, or just an inconvenience outside of your control. We encourage all tutors to release any appointments they cannot make as far in advance as possible. This ensures that your students will have a substitute for their session in your absence. 

Follow these steps to release one of your tutoring appointments: 

Step 1: Login to your Tutor Portal .

Step 2: Go to the Opportunities page. Click Appointments.

  • A list of your claimed appointments will appear.

Step 3: Check the boxes next to the appointment(s) you need to release.

  • You can release single appointments up to 20% of your overall appointments, or the entire set.

Step 4: Click Cancel.

  • If you click Cancel All, it will ask you, “Are you sure you want to cancel all?”

  • Click Yes.

Step 5: Refresh the Page

  • Click the refresh button in your web browser.

  • Click Appointments.

  • Each appointment you chose to release should be gone. If you released all of the appointments in the set, they should all be gone.

Congratulations! You have successfully released your tutor appointment(s)! You can post a message in the Substitute Chat of the Tutor Community (Click on Tutor Community within your Tutor Portal) that you have released appointments. Your released appointments will appear in the Opportunities page for other Tutors to claim.