How do I opt-out of Tutoring with BookNook?

Directions on what to do, if you are no longer interested in Tutoring with BookNook

While we hate to lose anyone in our tutor community, we understand that sometimes life’s priorities have to shift, and you may have to leave BookNook to focus on other goals! To that end, we wanted to provide you with our Opt-Out Form and instructions on when to use it.

If you are not interested in onboarding or tutoring with us:

  • Please complete the Opt-Out Form so we can archive your account in our systems, and remove you from communications and reminders about the onboarding process.

If you are leaving BookNook permanently:

  • Please complete the Opt-Out Form to provide us with your last available tutoring date.
  • If you have classes scheduled, you will need to provide two weeks advance notice, to ensure your remaining sessions are able to be covered by new tutors without disrupting the student's progress. 
  • For extenuating circumstances please email

If you have to take a temporary break from BookNook:

  • You will not need to Opt-Out as long as you plan to return in the near future.
  • Please update your availability in your Tutor Portal account, so we know that you are not currently available to pick up appointments.
  • You can release any classes on your schedule at that time, and then return and begin picking up sessions again when it better fits your schedule.
  • Be sure to remain subscribed to our emails, to be kept up to date on any changes that occur during your break, and to avoid having your account archived!