How do I claim a Tutoring Appointment?

Follow these steps to claim Tutoring Appointments.

Step 1:

Check out the Tutoring Opportunities Schedule within our Tutor Community. Access our Tutor Community by clicking on the link within your Tutor Portal. In this Opportunities schedule, you'll find a list of all opportunities, clearances needed, and launch dates. 

Step 2:

Login to the BookNook Tutor Portal on the launch date of an appointment release. 

Step 3:

Go to the Opportunities page. You will only be able to see engagements for which you have the required background check clearance:

  • A list of tutoring opportunities will appear.
  • Click the “view details” option on the class you want to claim.
  • A box with class times and dates will be displayed.The times shown will reflect your local time zone.
  • Click “accept all times” and you have claimed an appointment!

Step 4:

Click the Appointments tab.

  • A list of your claimed appointments should appear on the Appointments page.

Step 5:

Mark these appointments on your calendar. You have successfully claimed your tutor appointment(s) and now you’re ready to tutor!

Additional Notes:

  • Appointment dates/times correspond with your time zone.
  • Per our Tutor attendance policy, you are expected to “Deliver at least 25 minutes of a 30 minute lesson, aiming for student completion of the lesson” which means not just being logged on for the full lesson time, but also being actively engaged with the students for that time.
  • Follow the same steps to claim substitute appointments. Just like recurring appointments, you will only be shown substitute opportunities for the places you have clearances. 
  • When a tutor releases their appointment, or if they are three-minutes late, that session will appear in the BookNook Tutor Portal. You will be able to claim that as a substitute. Sub appointments may become available at any time, so make sure you are checking the portal on a regular basis. 


  • You will only be able to see engagements for which you have the required background check clearance.
  • If your appointment dates/times you are attempting to claim conflict with appointments you already have scheduled, the portal will not allow you to claim the opportunities.

If You Are Not Seeing Appointments On the Opportunities Tab:

  • You may not have background clearances for the appointments being offered. 
  • It may not be a scheduled launch date for a recurring opportunity.
  • There may not be any opportunities available, as other tutors have already claimed them.