How can I substitute tutor?

Anyone has the ability to be a substitute tutor for BookNook provided two things: 
1- The Tutor must have background check clearance in the state the sub is needed. 
2- There must be an appointment available. 

When a substitute appointment is available for a state that you have been cleared in, it will pop up on your BookNook Tutor Portal. Substitute appointments can best be identified, as they are typically single appointments and not recurring sets. 

We ask that all appointments be released as soon as possible to ensure ample time to find a replacement, so substitute appointments can appear in the Tutor Portal at any time.  Because our appointment system will begin looking for a substitute after three minutes of a tutor not showing to class, the best time to look for substitute appointments is around the :03 minute mark of lessons. You can always see the dates/times lessons are going on by using the Opportunities Schedule located in the Tutor Community. You can always access your Tutor Community by going to your Tutor Portal. While you are in our Tutor Community, be sure to check out the Sub Chat section. In the Sub Chat, tutors frequently announce that they are dropping appointments. 

If you take a substitute appointment, remember to stay for the entire lesson time just like other BookNook lessons. As a reminder, regardless of if students do not show, you are paid for your 30 minute lesson time.