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How and when will I connect with my student(s)?

Here is a summary of that experience: The tutor logs in and then clicks the green button “start next appointment.” Once the tutor clicks that button, it opens a zoom session and makes the tutor the host of that session. The student then receives the same zoom link and clicks “join a session” on their side. The student will be placed in a zoom waiting room until the tutor clicks “admit” to admit the student.

Starting + Ending Lessons 1

We encourage but don’t require tutors to log in to the BookNook platform with their login credentials 10 minutes before their first tutoring session of the day starts in order to get settled and make sure they don’t have any computer or internet issues. The tutor should click “start next appointment” once it is time for the student session to start. For example, if the tutor’s first appointment of the day starts at 12pm, they would login at 11:50am to get settled and click “start next appointment” at 12pm when the student tutoring session is scheduled to start. Once the student joins the session, the tutor clicks “admit” to let the student into the session. 

The “start next appointment” button will deactivate if the tutor doesn’t start a session within 3 minutes of the session start time. For example, if the student tutoring session starts at 12pm, at 12:03pm the session will deactivate if the tutor has not clicked “start next appointment.” BookNook substitutes will be notified to claim the session. 

There is no separate zoom login (username/password) required before or during the session.