New Tutor Onboarding Process Overview

All of the onboarding tasks new Tutors need to complete to start Tutoring with BookNook.

Welcome to BookNook! We’re so excited you’re starting this journey with us. Once you finish the tasks outlined below, you’ll be eligible to select appointments from our upcoming programs. Please click the links for more detailed instructions about completing each task.

If you have reviewed the full onboarding process outlined below, and are ready to get started, accept your offer through the Tutor Portal, and make sure you can access your account. Tutors who applied before 12/16 have received a Tutor Portal invitation via email.


Step 1

Sign Your Contract & Provide Bank Information for Payroll

Once you have accepted your offer through the Tutor Portal, use the link on your dashboard to access our WorkMarket registration page. Here you will create an account, sign your BookNook Contract, and complete your payroll information. Once you complete all of your paperwork in WorkMarket, you’ll receive an invite to complete your BookNook Certification (step 3) within 1-2 business days.

If you applied before 12/16, you'll find this link in your 'Congratulations! BookNook Tutoring Next Steps' email.

Keep in mind, it will take up to 48 hours for bank information verification, and you will need to log back in to complete the final verification step once you receive the test deposits.

Step 2

Initiate Background Check Process

All tutors will complete a California background check, as it provides access to the greatest volume of opportunities.

NOTE - in your WorkMarket profile you will see an option to complete a background check, as this is a feature available to all contractors with WorkMarket accounts. This is not connected to the required BookNook background check process in any way.

Step 3

Become BookNook Certified 

We have launched our new Certification Course through The Tutor Portal as of 1/26! The course is housed in our Tutor Community, which is directly accessible through your Tutor Portal account. Click the link to the left for more information!

The BookNook Certification course is paid and can be completed in 2.5 hours



Once you Complete your Certification

Step 4

Continue the Background Check Process

Please keep in mind that it can take several weeks for your background check to clear, so it is important to complete the background check process by submitting your fingerprints as soon as possible. As a reminder, background check expenses are reimbursed by BookNook!

Step 5

Activate your BookNook Platform Account and browse our Tutor Community!

Once you have completed your paperwork in WorkMarket, and your BookNook Certification in Branier, you'll be invited to the BookNook Platform (where our curriculum and lessons live). These invitations are sent weekly on Thursdays via email.

As soon as you complete your certification course, you will gain full access to our Tutor Community (where you can chat with other tutors and access helpful resources)!

Step 6

Start Tutoring!

Please keep in mind that you will not be able to see any appointments in your Tutor Portal until your background check clears - statuses are updated daily as we receive them. More information about tracking your clearances can be found on the Background Check Process page.* 

You can keep an eye on the Upcoming Opportunities schedule in the Tutor Community to know when appointments are released into the system, and check our substitute-chat to pick up additional appointments!



The email address you used to apply to BookNook—which is the email address we send your BookNook emails to—is your unique ID for everything you do with BookNook. It is how we’ll track your status with background checks, where we'll send your payroll communication, and eventually how you’ll login to our BookNook Platform. Please always use this same email address any time you create a login or for anything you do with BookNook.


Keep in mind that changing your email address will require a 5 day lock-out from your accounts to update and reintegrate across systems.


If you need to update your email address please contact us ASAP at