Background Check Process

Find everything you need in order to complete your background check to Tutor for BookNook.


  • The California Background Check will give you access to the largest volume of upcoming opportunities, and it is accepted in other states that accept any 'Level 2' background check.
  • This background check process is more user friendly to navigate, and we want you to have a positive experience so you can start tutoring sooner! 
  • Background checks can take up to a month to process, which is why we recommend initiating the check ASAP.
  • If you have already started Maryland, Texas, or Michigan, you can still complete those background checks and we will process any checks remaining in the pipeline.
  • In accordance with one of our key values 'Always Together Always Honest' we will proactively reach out and provide opportunities to complete additional background checks for interested tutors, should there be opportunities with the need for a higher volume of tutors.

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California Background Check Overview

To initiate your California background check process click here and follow the instructions for California resident or non-resident.

Once you have completed your online registration form, and are waiting to attend your appointment or receive your hard copy cards, please ensure you complete your BookNook certification and digital paperwork, as outlined in the Onboarding Process Overview!

California Clearance Timeline:

California Residents - up to two weeks after you attend your digital fingerprinting appointment

Non-California Residents - up to one month after mailing your hard copy fingerprint card

Instructions for US Citizens or US Permanent Residents living outside of the US

If you are living outside of the US, but are a US Citizen or Permanent Resident, your background check progress will look a little bit different. Click here to learn more. 

How to find out if your background check has cleared  

  1. Locate the email in your email inbox with the subject line: "Unique Identifier-State Fingerprinting/Background Checks for BookNook Tutoring." This email contains your unique identifier number for tracking the status of your fingerprint/background check in each state. Unique identifier numbers are sent every Friday. If you started the process of completing a background check on Monday-Thursday, you will receive your unique identifier on a Friday. 
  2. Then Check the Fingerprint/Background Check Tracker to see whether your background check has cleared. 
  3. The instructions for each state will indicate the average amount of time it takes for that state's clearance. 

Please note: If you have not received your unique identifier to check on your clearance statuses, please check your junk/spam folder for this email: Unique Identifier-State Fingerprinting/Background Checks for BookNook Tutoring.  If you have still not received an email after waiting the appropriate time mentioned above and have also checked your junk folder, email us at to get help!

Reimbursement Process

  • Upload your receipt for any out-of-pocket costs incurred to complete your fingerprint card and any additional required forms.
  • Upload the receipt to this secure site using the following file name structure: FirstName_LastName_Month_Date (Example: For John Smith who visited on May 18th, his file would look like this: John_Smith_May_18).
  • After uploading, please fill out this form.

Additional State-Specific Background Checks

You may have wondered why there are different state-specific background checks. Each state has their own unique background check requirements in order to prioritize student safety. All of our tutors complete the California background check, because some states will still accept this check. As we have need for additional tutors, we will offer opportunities to complete additional background checks. Right now, we have a sufficient amount of tutors to staff programs in other states.

If you are a tutor who has already began the following check, please use these links to access the directions for completing the process:

We're Here to Help! How to Get Support. 

After reading through and following all of the instructions, if you still have questions, please feel to either email us at or to attend the BookNook Compliance Team's office hours over Zoom video dedicated to answering your individualized questions about the background check process.  Office Hours on Zoom video are: 

**These are the current office hours. The times provided are subject to change.**